Robotel, which set out with the slogan of Turkey’s Helping Hand, designs prosthetic limbs with 3D printer technology for children who are born without limbs such as hands and arms. What Robotel does is really impressive because no prosthesis is made for children and young people who have lost their limbs anywhere in the world, because it is not economical because the dimensions are constantly changing during the developmental age. When the child completes the developmental age, it is too late even if the prosthesis is inserted, since the arm or leg has not been used for years. This is where robotel comes into play. With 3D Printer technology, these prostheses can be obtained in a much more economical way with various materials.

    Robotel has given hope to more than 30 young people to date. The need for a new and larger 3D printer has emerged to change the lives of more young people. For this reason, Robotel and TTGV, the crowdfunding platform Ideanest, decided to launch a campaign. needed a new and larger 3d printer to reach more young people, and to meet this need, the two institutions decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign together and we worked together to bring it to life.

First of all, we examined Robotel’s work and tried to understand why it is so important; so we could better explain it to people watching the video. We said that those who carry out this project can explain the work best, and we interviewed Zeynep Karagöz, one of the project managers. In the video, we used images of Robotel’s headquarters in Istanbul and the children it had previously supported.

        The campaign has reached the required amount in a short time. We are happy to be involved in such a beautiful project and to have contributed, even if only a small amount.