Video editing is the process of combining raw images taken from different angles in a certain order and making them a meaningful whole. Editing, also known as “montage”, is the most important stage of filming for many directors. Because the order in which the images are displayed will also determine the effect on the audience. In order to give the desired message to the audience, the editing must be done correctly, otherwise the images taken in your hand will not make much sense. During editing, operations such as music, voice acting, adding various effects are also performed. As Luwi Film, we have successfully completed many projects in our professional editing sets; In many projects, we edited the raw images we took ourselves, and in some projects, we prepared videos for them by editing the raw images brought to us by our customers.

Workflow while editing

Video editing is done in non-linear editing programs. The first stage of editing is extracting and editing the raw footage. Considering the scenario, the images at hand are arranged according to their types and order such as interviews, aerial shots, detail shots (b-roll), archive footage, graphics and photographs. After this editing process is finished, if the timecode is available, the images will be cut and shortened according to the scenario, if not. Sound shots are superimposed on silent shots or detail shots. Music is placed where the director prefers. If there are places to add effects or animations and they are not ready yet, these points are indicated. After these studies were done, the frame of the film that was edited was formed, this form of the video is called rough editing. It has become more or less understandable how a movie whose rough editing is watched. In our work, we usually have the client watch while in this state and get approval to continue.

After receiving the approval from the customer, finer studies are continued. The cuts are rethought and studied frame by frame. Subtitles and kjs are added if available. Various prepared lighting effects and animations are added. Detailed images are re-examined and the necessary places are rearranged. Input and output credits are added. After all these processes, the editing phase is completed and after approval is received, the last step, color-grading and sound mixing, is done. After these processes are completed, the video is rendered in a suitable format according to the environment in which it will be broadcast in one piece and output is taken.

Within our video editing services;

  • We can turn the raw footage you have into a movie,
  • We can turn your captured photos into a movie by animating them with various methods, adding voiceovers and music,
  • We can produce various videos using old recordings in your archive,
  • Independent film, short film, homework etc. we can complete your projects,
  • We can edit your TV program, concert, presentation, meeting footage,
  • We can organize and digitize your archives.

* Editing service can be provided hourly / daily or on a project basis.

* We provide editing services in SD / HD / 4K resolution with Apple editing systems.

If you have any other questions, please send an e-mail.