According to a Chinese proverb, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, today we would not be wrong if we interpret this as “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Photos have the power to say so much in a single frame, especially if they’ve been professionally studied and shot. LUWI provides service with its expert team for professional photography needed in many fields. We carry out studio shoots, architectural shots, concept shots, aerial photography and various photography projects with our up-to-date equipment park. Photo shoots can be done in a fixed studio, mobile studio or on site. Before starting the photo shoot, some preparations need to be made. According to the type of shooting, it is necessary to determine the right lights, to determine the location, and to take into account the sun and weather conditions if there will be outdoor shooting. After the preparations are completed, the shooting is done and finally the retouching of the selected photos is done meticulously. We consider all these variables for the budget to be created for professional photography.

Our Professional Photography Services;

  • Product & Catalog shoots
  • Outdoor shoots
  • Portrait shots
  • Architectural photo shoots
  • Aerial photography
  • Event photo shoot
  • Industrial photo shoots