The Story of Kavaklıdere Wines from Pendore to Cappadocia

          The idea of preparing a promotional film for Kavaklıdere Wines, which produced its first wines in 1929, was quite exciting. In line with the brief we received, we immediately started preparations. Anatolia is a geography where the oldest wines of the world are produced, viticulture has been practiced since ancient times. However, although it is not well known, viticulture is actually a labor-intensive and challenging job. Most of the work in this difficult process is done by women. We were asked to reflect this difficult process in the film.

      In addition, Kavaklıdere Wines is the oldest wine company in young Turkey. Although not well known, Kavaklıdere has ties all over Turkey. That’s why we had to go with a lot of different ties to complete the movie.

   Filming took a total of 6 days. First, we shot the Cote’s Davanos vineyards in Cappadocia. The ties in Cappadocia, one of the most special geographies of Anatolia and even the world, were very impressive. The shooting, which we started at sunrise in the morning, lasted until late in the evening.

          Pendore Vineyards in Manisa is Turkey’s largest single piece vineyard. All in all it’s really impressive. We made our stay in the guest house in the vineyard. The shooting, which started at sunrise in the morning, continued until late after dark, but the beauty of the images we collected and especially the taste of the food served to us made us forget all our tiredness.

       After completing the aerial shots in other vineyards, we made the final shots at the company’s head office in Ankara and at Kav, on Tunisia Street, Turkey’s first kava.

        One of the most exciting and beautiful aspects of our job is to watch and present our film, which came out after all these efforts.