We have completed the editing of the documentary Traditional Plant Wisdom, in which the plant species in the Kapıdağ Peninsula and the traditional plant wisdom of the people are investigated. The raw footage of the documentary, which took almost 2 years to shoot, was hours long. First, we sat down with Utkan and Soner and listened to what they wanted, and we talked about the possible options. After we agreed on certain points, we started editing. Like a sculptor, we scoured the pieces and discarded the excess. It took 4 months to complete the editing. It is really exciting to work on feature-length documentaries in Ankara. The color grading and sound mixing processes of the documentary have been completed in different studios, and it will soon meet with the audience.

Biologist Soner Oruç researches the available plant species in the Kapıdağ Peninsula and the traditional plant wisdom of the people. Soner is a biologist who lives in Erdek Narlı Village for part of the year and tries to increase his knowledge about the wild plants in this region and the purposes for which they are used. While describing the plants he saw during his trips on the Kapıdağ Peninsula and sharing information about their use; He also chats with people he meets and tries to learn and record their knowledge and experience about plants. The people he talks to sometimes direct Soner to “wise” people about plants. Our traveler, who travels from village to village and reaches those people, gets more in-depth information about plants from these wise people. Soner becomes aware of threats to plants and traditional plant wisdom during his travels and conversations with locals. By conveying the concerns of the local people and himself on this issue, he tries to raise awareness about the importance of the plant diversity and traditional plant wisdom of the Kapıdağ Peninsula, its protection and transfer to future generations.