Within the scope of the event videos, we document your training days, seminars, conferences, all kinds of meetings and organizations such as company anniversary, we record the shots of the speeches with high audio and video quality, if you wish, you can prepare a video clip of the organization; You can share this video with all your followers and customers via social media.

The works we have done before are seen in the gallery below;

In addition to preparing short promotional videos for any event you organize, we also meticulously shoot long videos. A wide variety of videos such as conferences, seminars, personnel trainings can be prepared in the event video category. If you request, we can broadcast your organizations online or broadcast live on the platform you want. The videos we have prepared will also be an effective tool for your social responsibility projects to be heard more.

Thanks to training and motivational videos, you can both provide more effective training to your employees and do this more economically. When the trainings specially prepared for your employees are prepared as videos, they can be reused, so you avoid the cost of organizing a retraining program and you do not need to organize training for a single person when a new staff member joins your team. Making motivational films for your employees and dealers will increase loyalty and productivity.

With visitor welcome videos, you can explain the rules and occupational safety practices to be followed for the first time visitors to your facility, factory, workshop in a fast, clear and non-boring way. Since it is used for a long time after being prepared, it will save time for your staff and save money for your business, and it will increase satisfaction as well as being more prestigious in the eyes of your customers.

Within the scope of educational films service;

We can present the necessary information for your staff with an entertaining and educational video,
We can explain occupational safety information to your visitors in a way that does not take much of their time,
You can turn your current training or a skill into a video and present it to your followers commercially via DVD, online platforms,
We can introduce a new service or product you have produced to your sales personnel and dealers,
We can prepare the user manual of dangerous devices in video form,
We can prepare course training videos,
We can prepare vocational in-service training films.

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