With the development of technology, it has become possible to place the camera at many different angles and record images. One of the biggest examples of this is aerial photography. In the past, a cameraman was put on a helicopter or plane to shoot from the air, and he often tried to collect whatever footage was possible on his shoulder. This method, besides being very expensive, brought problems such as flickering of the image, difficult to capture the desired angle, and not being close to the captured objects and the ground. With the possibility of long-lasting batteries in recent years, it has become possible to take economical and safe video and photo recordings from a wide variety of angles, heights and using different camera movements by using the new generation drones invented. For example, although it is not possible to fly very close to the ground with a large helicopter, images can be taken by flying even 3-5 meters from the ground with a drone, or close-up shots can be taken by coming within 1 meter of a minaret, all this without any vibration on the camera thanks to the gimbal on the drone. becomes possible. We, as the Luwi Film team, have transformed the possibilities of this new technology into a service for our customers. You can view sample aerial shots from the gallery;